(ERROR) MSP failed to launch used to be a hacker in the CA server. but people said it was fake. Heres a story.

I was on the canadian server. logging in my old account, called Nessa Courtney. I want to play some games, buy some furniture. But then. a weird flashing effect appeared. There was a strange, anonymous user named (ERROR) MSP failed to launch. I was quite shocked at this point. I then messaged her. a black screen appeared. I was pretty.... scared.... I messaged her ''Who are you?'' she replied ''(d)'' when she said that, she hacked my old account, After that. the screen looked like something made on Lightshot. When i logged into my account. My account looked black.... meaning it was hacked. i then went to subway to get a sandwich. After 2 hours, my account was seen doing the head chopped off animation. an animation i dont have, Maybe the hacker used something like Charles to get that deleted animation.

After that, i went to bed to cry,I then ate my Subway sandwich i ordered, It calmed me down, After that, I went to message her ''Stop It!'' and she did'nt reply, She was in her room, crying with the sitting animation, I then said 'Why are you crying?' and she said '...' My game for some reason logged me off, When i logged back on, she was crying, and her status said 'why is everyon mean to me?' then she blocked me, I think shes a loner, or maybe she has crippling depression. I then log into my new account, messaging her 'Hello!' then she replied with some disturbing, bizzare quistions.

(NOTE: searching Nessa Courtney in the CA server will be shown as a noob.)

Screenshot 57
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