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12NikkiKitty is a relatively new hacker to terrorize the players of MovieStarPlanet. She appears as a normal character, even befriending you before she attacks. Her typical scheme is to host a fake giveaway, coaxing her victims to apply a fake email to their account. After this is done, people often report a series of random sounds before being logged off and locked out of their own account. She is also known to hack into the account of users without the fake giveaways and emails, though this is rare and only happens to people who slight her in some way.

She is known to change passwords, preventing the player from entering their account. She will then loot the account, stealing everything in her victim's possession. Her attacks are sporadic and random, leaving most of her friend's accounts untouched. There is no known reason that she hacks. Some users speculate that her initiative is solely greed based, hacking to gain clothes and items, while others think her goal is to cause grief and fear in the community.

She existed for about a month before carrying out her string of attacks, her account being made sometime in November of 2017. It is believed that she had hacked many users before she had gotten on the radar of the public.

Not much is known about this mysterious character, some speculating that she either is the hacker Grim Reaper under a different account, or at least has ties to her. She is only known to have attacked the US server. Evidence for her affiliation with Grim Reaper is few and far between, the only proof being accounts of mentions of the fellow hacker being made by 12NikkiKitty on rare occasions.

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