1337s profile.

1337 is a very skilled exploiter. His name is short for ''Elite Hacker'' His name actually written in ''leet'' Leetspeak is basically a symbolic form of writing that is a substitute for various numbers and ASCII symbols.

1337 started exploiting in 2014 - 2015 and has been seen on YouTube many times. You can find links down below. 1337 has retired in 2018.


1337 in the VIP club.

His skills in exploiting.

1337 could do things like have access to benefits that VIPs have without having it, create accounts without any names, statuses without any words in it, create forums under the MSP account, Pixi account, etc. He could basically impersonate anyone he wanted on forums & chatrooms. You can compare him to Riz, but many times better.

Feud with Riz.

When Riz came to MSP to cause some chaos through his numerous forums 1337 found this humorous and made a response in the form of a forum. This forum has been mistaken to be a response from MSP staff. You can find more information on Riz here:

April 29th Virus.

The April 29th virus is one of the most iconic viruses in which Rage, Raid Net and 1337 launched a DDOS attack on MSP and anyone who dared to log in. People saw errors, lost their internet connection and for some, it didn't even load. This all was temporary. 1337 wasn't really involved but made sure he got the credit for it.

Other accounts.


Nameless Females Profile.

1337 used to have an account which was called ''Nameless Female'' because the account had no name and you were unable to chat with the user. At the time this hasn't been seen before so him appearing in a chatroom with such an account got a lot of attention.


63f8a523fd3f299a4fde2e4231cbf1e5 (Nameless Female) (1337) (April 29th Virus)

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