You may know of Anonymous, Anon for short, she is *apparently* (See how I didn't say definitely, note that) spreading a virus, I just advise to either not go online as she (possibly) be hacking mostly online users as off-lines are harder to find because they're not in chatrooms, rooms, games, ect.

DON'T (unless you are an experienced hacker hunter) talk to him/her under any circumstances (though she doesn't always hack people if they ask her to!)If a Anon-like character appears:

on your login: Shut down your Device

In a chatroom: Leave

In a game-room: Leave

and so on...


As the picture states the real Anonymous appears with no name in chatrooms (unlike some deleted users) And owns some random chatrooms like: 3NlyeskWVI cafe

If you see this type of cafe room or any room don't go in (again, unless you are an experienced hacker hunter)

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