Batzey is a new hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is said to be very cheerful and just a pleasure to be around and to be friends with.
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What Does Batzey Look Like?

Batzey changes her outfit very frequently but it's always neon colors. She has pale yellow skin, and always has multicolored hair.

What Happens When She Hacks Us?

When Batzey hacks, she might give away rares or VIP tickets if you have any, spend your Starcoins on wishlists and change your face and clothes to give you an entire makeover. Sometimes she will make a troll art-book of herself on your account and write something in your status along with her name. She does not hack on request unless it's entirely necessary such as scammers.
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What Chatrooms Do They Go To?

Like any ordinary hacker, Batzey enjoys spending time in cafes and skate parks. She enjoys interacting with new players and welcoming them to the MovieStarPlanet Community. If you question if she is a hacker she will respond bluntly as she is aware that hackers are stereotyped as bad individuals who take accounts for no known reason. Sometimes you will see her in the mall and rarely on the beach.

Does Batzey Have Any Relationships With Other Hackers?

Batzey is known and has claimed to avoid interaction with other hackers as she finds that most of them who she has previously had relationships with have been rude and bailed on her after some time. People believe she is connected with Team Devils but that hasn't been proven yet and is just an ongoing rumor. Batzey also claims to have no idea who Team Devils are.

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Notes About Batzey

  • Real Name: Lana
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: 21/03/2001
  • She enjoys all kinds of music
  • Her favorite color is neon green
  • She can speak fluent Latin
  • She hates being stereotyped
  • Dissociate Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia
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