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Big B1rd is a hacker on CA MSP.






Big B1rd started out as an unknown quantity on the Canadian server of MSP. One day, he made an account called 'Big B1rd' and proceeded to make an application for Team Two-Faced. Soon enough, he was having a conversation with Kensai when Kensai told him to prove himself a real hacker. Instead of letting Kensai explain who to hack, he hacked Nexterf to prove himself. Nexterf got angry and he hacked his account back, hacking Big B1rd in the process. His application got denied. Just when they thought they had gotten rid of him, about a month later, Nexterf saw a user called RebekahIsntHere with Big B1rd's status. Luckily, he didn't change the password, though, he did remove all the clothes, change the status, and spend a lot of starcoins, not diamonds though. Nexterf had checked Big B1rd's original account to see if he had gotten it back, he didn't. "He did a cheap move, moving to an unknown account so no one could find him, though, still using the Big B1rd name in the statuses." Nexterf claims. When Big B1rd was on Nexterf's account, BungeeJumpzz messaged him. Big B1rd explained that Nexterf got hacked by him. Bungee proceeded to ask the question "Why did you choose the username Big B1rd?" He responded with "I chose this username because as a child, I used to watch Sesame Street all the time. When I got my first computer, my best friend came over to see it. When he did, he took the computer from me and starting to type things in. When he gave it back to me, it was on Google Images, and the image on the screen was a picture of a creepy Sesame Street. I thought Big Bird looked the most creepy so, that's why I chose this name." After that, he was logged off and Nexterf got his account back.


When hacked by Big B1rd, your status can change to "HACKED BY BIG B1RD (d)" or "You walked down Sesame Street, now here's your treat. (d)" He will remove all your clothes and spend a lot of starcoins on things you already have. If he has time to, he'll spend your diamonds, message other users, make an artbook/movie, or delete the account.