Basic Information:

BlabFight is a relatively new hacker on MSP (UK Server only) who's motives are unknown at this time. Due to the fact that she is rather new with not many victims known, or at least not many coming forward about it, there is not much information on this player.

BlabFight was first seen in 2018 around late November - December (Though sources vary on when she was first spotted). 


A Things-0

BlabFight's Appearance is rather simple, with a default ginger bob haircut, an american eagle T-shirt and a floral skirt. She has a pale skin colour.

What happens to hacked users:

When hacked, users report that their status will change to one of the following messages:

"Oven Spray on offer! ONLY £3.99"


"Purchase Kitchen Cleanser products today"

She has also been known to take very small amounts of money from peoples' accounts. (Ranging from 5 to 10 Star Coins)

Soon after completing one or more of the above actions she will then leave the account alone.

Who is she:

No-one knows who BlabFight really is, however it has been speculated that she is merely a bot created by the "company" she continues to mention, known as "Kitchen Cleanser". If this rumour is true it is most likely a badly coded computer program aimed at advertising the company. Another theory is that BlabFight is bored employee working for the company, however, as previously mentioned, the answer is unknown at the current time.

Where is she most seen:

The main sightings of this player have been at cafes, where she can be seen promoting Kitchen Cleanser.

Is she a threat:

At the moment she seems to only be a minor inconvenience to players and will most likely cause no harm to your account if found.

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