Who is Blody Lady?

Blody Lady is a year old hacker, who goes by the alias Blody Lady on MovieStarPlanet. Her username is spelled incorrectly because MSP wouldn't allow the original idea, "Bloody Lady." On Canadian servers, she hacks with her close friend Shak1ng, who has recently been deleted, it is unknown who Blody Lady could originally be, but she is very mysterious and scary. Or she used to be!

The Hack

In 2017, Blody Lady came out with a new look, which puzzled a lot of players, and fans. Her status had stayed the same, creepy rhyme, "Blood drains from your body as I gain your power" But her clothing changed drastically, In 2016, her outfit was a Doll Dress, Little Red Riding Hood Hair, and no shoes. Since then her outfit has been completely removed, and is now a black tank top, and her hair, it is not known if she was hacked or not, but because it came so randomly, it is believed to be a hack, check out Lunriaas' theory by searching Blody Lady in the search.


  • Supposedly Swag Dude o3o, who has been fake hacked before by Die Today, so it isn't best to assume he was hacked, twice. This is her only victim, but he states "She didn't take anything, but she hacked me" which isn't very believable.

== Trivia ==

  • Her name is Leilanni
  • She's around 14.
  • She claims to be able to hack anyone
  • She has beef with another hacker
  • Her appearance is believed to resemble a vampire.
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