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First AGE: 15
Second BIRTHDAY: 29th January 2001
Third MSP ACCOUNT: Lizzie Lockheart1011
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Hello Babies! I am Lizzie Lockheart1011 and welcome to my Hacker Hunters Wika page! I am the leader of Team Dyno Hacker Hunters.I started My MSP Account on the 14th of March 2016 on a stormy night... Nah i'm just messing with ya. Soo...

My best friends on MSP are: Queen AKA Selfiequeenz12334

Jake Baby AKA J A K E Y S H A K E Y

And Jace AKA Jacklen01

Team Dyno

Team Dyno Hacker Hunters was created on the 19th of June 2016. 23 members have joined and the Team have had successful huntings such as:

  • Finding Fake Hackers that are just causing trouble.
  • Real Hackers that MSP "guaranteed" to us were not real.
  • Stop hackings to various users.
  • And probably our biggest achievement, to spot Miss Filly.

Team Dyno's official Team Colours consist of black and white so if in doubt of a hacker/hacking please contact a Team Dyno Member about your issue.

My Youtube Channel.

I have a small youtube channel called LizzieMSP. If you search it up it should be the second chanel that comes up on youtube. I started it about 3 months after I started playing MSP.

Lots of my friends would post on their MSP bio's about how they were "RECORDING a MT! GIFTS PLS!" So I decided to join in.

My first videos didn't really got to plan and I ended up having to redo the video over again a few times until I was totally happy with the final result. But still then I didn't even know how to put in a Custom Thumbnail, let alone, what it even was! I watched a few Thumbnail and Editing tutorials but it wasn't until I stumbled across RotiKhasse's "How I make My Videos" tutorial that I actually started to get the hang of things.

I deleted all my videos and started fresh, my first "new" video being an MSP Cover Version of Melanie Martinez's Song, "Mad Hatter". I'll leave the links to everything at the end. I then when on to create what I like to call my own original name:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 06.49.12
  • MSP Makeover (my original)
  • Outfit Time
  • MSP Cover Videos
  • Movie Trailers MSP Style
  • And obviously my Channel Trailer

MSP Movies.

On MSP lots of people know me for a Series called "Tactics" that I created when I first joined MSP. Its how I met most of my friends because anyone in the movie got notifications about XP and rewards. So I can proudly say that my movies brought people closer. :)

I've started another Series called "Convicted" but that is incomplete, although the first 3 parts are out so if you ever stumble across my MSP user, please check it out.

Links/My Pages

And some other random stuff.

I don't have many websites so yeah.... I feel silly XD

So yes this has been my Wikia Page. I hope you guys liked reading about me and if you're on UK MSP go and friend my UK account which obviously is Lizzie Lockheart1011.