• Bunbun500


    May 24, 2018 by Bunbun500

    So it's obvious that Anonymous might be coming back (and if this is true, TheCult is too) due to what happened within the login screen. But I think we should also talk about another elephant in the room. Riz. So we've seen him also in the login screen with Anym, and it kinda creeped me out. But what shooked me the most is that he also hacked the high-scores and no one has seen to notice yet. I think this just happened almost an hour ago but it happened, and here is the proof. I don't know what to say past this point but I just know this is a start of something big...

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  • CryingSouis

    Stuff about me.

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  • Skeletøn Bones

    About Me

    April 27, 2018 by Skeletøn Bones

    Hey guys! Luni here, back at it again with a new account for MSP Fandom. Thanks for stopping by!

    I used to hack in late January 2012 until March 2017; my main target in 2017 was Hamdia5225. She annoyed me so much that I had to use Charles 4.2 to find her password. But little did I know, she knew. She knew this at the time and downloaded the software, making it risky for me to find her password again after she retrieved her account and snatched it out of my control once and for all. I blocked her after that and continued living a normal (well not normal, ADDICTING should I say) MSP life. Nobody found my real username because my main is on a server that nobody can access, making it impossible to report my main and get her IP banned.

    The thing …

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  • Lilyisacat

    I need you to decode a video!  ( I can't speak polish so I need your help!)

    Message me if you're intrested!

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  • Lilyisacat

    Scream Team Theory

    January 6, 2018 by Lilyisacat

    Long time, no see!

    I've constructed a theory over the last year while continuously watching Scream Team, particularly YLN's hacker hunting videos. I don't like them, mind you, but there seems to be a common theme between these hacker 'hunting' videos.

    Quoted from Your Living Nightmare's page on the wiki,

    • AcornBrownHackerHunter12 (hacked)
    • ChocolateHackerHunter12 (Failed)
    • MucusGreenHackerHunter12 (hacked)
    • PICKLEHACKERHUNTER12 (hacked and deleted)
    • BANANAHACKERHUNTER22 (Locked out forever) 
    • BANANEHACKERHUNTER22 (on French msp and failed)
    • KUMQUATHACKERHUNTER22 (hacked, no longer current)
    • JalapenoHackerHunter (locked out forever)
    • JalapenoHackerHunter22 (first it was faked being hacked as 2 of jes's friends trolled her fans then later hacked and deleted by …
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  • KingRuck

    Team Devils?

    December 15, 2017 by KingRuck

    saw these in monster cafe..... Anyone have any info?

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  • XKandix

    US Hacker List

    December 10, 2017 by XKandix
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  • EpicEmily

    Me vv

    November 19, 2017 by EpicEmily

    ok legit hi? and imma tell u bout' my life so k.first imma s


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  • =Faith&Joy=


    September 16, 2017 by =Faith&Joy=

    What is happening to me?

    First of all, I need someone to talk to.

    Not in a depressing way, I'm just really bored.


    I kissed my dog and he now has a giant pink kiss mark on his forehead.

    He is also climbing and sniffing me.

    This dog is disabled. His name is Chicken Little and he can't walk normally. His sarabellum (?) is underdeveloped so that means his walking skills aren't the best. He also is a chihuahua/italian greyhound mix. He's weird.

    Thats all byeeeeeeeee

    - Kayla

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  • TylieGirl

    Well, I wouldn't say "new", because the account has been around for a while, but now has a slightly newer purpose than the original reason the account was made.

    The account's name is Bloodshed Tears, and has been around since November 2016. The original purpose for the account was to become friends with real (?) hackers, and to try and get some valuble information from them that may help Team Rebels, Black Knights, and so on. I made the account scary for 2 reasons. The first one has already been stated above, and the second one was to try and keep the users that were scared of my appearance from messaging me, so I could get on with my work, and for the braver users to think that I was a "real" hacker, and to monitor their responses to diffe…

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