Leader of Blondie Hacker and Rat Hunters

Blondie Hair has been a Hacker Hunter since August 19, 2012. They started their own team after they learned about Anonymous, who hacked them and their friends. They first called their team Anonymous Hunters. However, after their very first account (blondie hair, but with safe chat) got deleted, they finally restarted their account on December, 2012. After restarting they renamed their team Hacker Hunters, but now it's Blondie Hacker and Rat Hunters.

It was orginally just Blondie Hacker Hunters until Blondie became very sick of drama queens and kings. They couldn't take it anymore so they wanted to hunt the rats too, so that's why they renamed it Blondie Hacker and Rat Hunters.

Anonymous Hunters

The very first team of Blondie Hair's. They once had a vice leader who is called Blone Hair, and the team started in 2012 because of Anonymous. Anon was the very first hacker Blondie ever encountered on moviestarplanet! Now, because of all of the time Anon hacked them and their friends, they're the top hacker that Blondie wants revenge on.

Blone Hair

She was Blondie's vice leader for their team and her best friend in real life. However she had to quit in 2014 or 2015 for personal reasons, so Blondie took over Blone's account and it is now her second main account.

Rat Hunters

Blondie became so sick of the drama queens and kings they met on msp, which is why they decided to also be the leader of Rat Hunters! Of course, Rat Hunters are combined with Hacker Hunters because now Blondie no longer just focuses on Hackers. They now expose and hunt drama rats. If any of their close friends ever begin turning into one, they'd try to save them from completely turning into drama rats. They even asked their friends to do the same for them.


  • Hacker Stalkers
  • Rebels
  • Dark Shadow Hacker Hunters


Blondie Hair has retired from hacker hunting in 2017. She will no longer hacker hunt. She doesn't see any point of continue hunting since she never sees any real hackers anymore. She's also very tired of dealing with all the drama on MSP. This means, her team is also retired from hunting.

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