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Blood Reaper (d) was a hacker on MSP (USA) She's believed to have said that she has quitted.

What does she do?

She hacks your account and changes your password, and sets your email to hers, so the original owner won't have a chance to get their account back. If you message your hacked account on another account, she will block you. If she hacks you, she will put, "Hacked by blood reaper (d)" in your status. She seems to only hack users that are level 6 or under. She will send your good clothes to her account, and will buy her outfit on your account.

What does she look like?

She has different looks at different times, so you can't be sure it's her. She sometimes dresses normal so people won't think she is a hacker. Despite her being a hacker, she only has a few hacker clothing. You would think that her name would be obvious when it won't.

Where can I find her? 

Like most hackers, she prefers to hang out in the horror café. She goes there to find some victims.



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