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Who is bloodcurdling?

bloodcurdling is a hacker on USA MSP and is level 6. Her best friends are, Quick Death and The Stuffed Toy

she has 2 photos, one named T h r e e . . ., the same as her status and the other named prepare. She has been a member since May of this year and is not very active. She is a member of a 'Hacking' group known to be named Team Ierror.


She/He has

  • A bandaged face similar to the Grim Reapers.
  • The cuts and eyeballs face accessory.
  • A skeleton top/bodysuit.
  • Bottoms with cuts in.
  • The teethy mouth accessory.
  • No shoes.
  • No hair.


It is not known if he/she has hacked anyone or even if they are real. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of who this 'Hacker' is incase they are a threat.

If you have been hacked please message me on either: EmeliaPlaysMSP (UK) BririshHackeraHunter! (USA&CA)

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