BungeeJumpzz is a hacker hunter on MovieStarPlanet.

MSP Life


BungeeJumpzz is a hacker hunter who discovered Nexterf and TheLadyDoctor in September of 2016. She is well acquainted with Team Two-Faced, as well with TheLadyDoctor. She is a big fan of Lilyisacat. Her New Zealand account was hacked and deleted on October 2nd by an unknown hacker. Her new account is BungeeJumpinzz on the Canadian server. She originally started her own wikia after the discovery of Nexterf and TheLadyDoctor, but quickly shut down it after the realization of this wiki. She made her first pages which were of Nexterf and TheLadyDoctor. She is very nice and welcomes anyone to talk to her.

Personal Life

Bungee's real name is Elisa, she is 14 years old. Her birthday is October 13th. She is planning to start a YouTube channel sometime in the future.


  • She doesn't mind being called Elisa, El, or Bungee.
  • She is well acquainted with Nexterf most out of all of Team Two-Faced.
  • She really likes Lilyisacat.
  • She is planning to find more hackers in the future.
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