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Hacker Hunters are a group of people who gather information on and protect people from possible hackers. Hacker hunters are supposedly on every server, and they 'risk' their account for hackers. The main purpose of hacker hunters are to help people.

One of the earliest and most influential hacker hunters on MSP was Tawna, who was responsible for the MSP community's attention towards popular hackers such as Grim Reaper and Miss/Madame Outrage, of which she was involved with.

Other notable hacker hunters who popularized 'hacker hunting' include Black Knight 777 and Gator Gerhardt who are popularly known for their hacker hunting.

Leaders and Servers

  • USA: Colored Hacker Hunters - Leader: Omg130421/RedHackerHunter 21 (YT: Gator Gerhardt)
  • UK: Team Rebels (aka Black Knights) - Leader: Black knight 777 (Black knight 777, YT: BlackKnight777)
  • CA: Colored Knights - Leader: BocaBubblez (CA and USA)/gold knight 329 (BocaBubblezUSMSP, YT: Boca MSP)
  • USA: Team Pastels - Leader: 2pear
  • USA: Plague Hacker Hunters - Leader: J!NXED (Plague Black) And Tayman30
  • US: East Coast Black Knights-Leader: Tayman30
  • Team Royals - UK server - Leader: {PixieROXS} (UK)
  • USA: Healthy Hacker Hunters - Leader: CherryhackerHunterGurl (Sign up here)
  • USA:The Animorphs - Leader: Harajuku Hacker Hunter

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