Hey guys, 777 here.

And yes, I know this isn't a blog post, however, I thought this would be a little bit more important than just to have it left as a blog post. I want you to comment your opinions of this.

I have spoken to Raid, since I was thinking of changing the categories Established & Dud as they don't seem to work well, and we came up with the Categories: Green, Yellow, and Red...?

Green would be pretty much the typical dud hacker which is most likely fake, or we have so far no information on.

Yellow, your typical hacking hacker who doesn't seem too powerful..

Red, the ones who've left a big impact/who are very powerful- can go further than just hacking on MSP, viruses, changing your background, inserting sounds into your computer, e.g. Unknown Female, Anonymous, Grim Reaper, Miss Filly, e.g..?

However, to make space for this, the Hacker Hunters category will be put into General.

Also, we should add a "rumor section" to each article to make sure rumors aren't pass down as fact.

As well, as a "level system" to scale how dangerous a hacker is, however, I feel like this may be a bit complicated for users on the wikia.

Please comment below your opinions of this. I think it's quite good & would make this wikia better.


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