"I'm not aware of too many things. I know what I know, if you know what I mean." -CodedExe


CodedExe is a hacker on UK MSP, with the ability to turn into players and moderators. It is said that seeing her dance in a cafe is a sign of impending chaos. She is also a member of GrimSec, the Grim Reaper's and Raid Net's team.

CodedExe cafe

CodedExe in the Cafe chatroom.


She is incapable of causing too much harm on MovieStarPlanet, as she cannot take over your account, only shapeshift into you. However, she can control your user in chatrooms, making you talk and move. She can also get your IP address and location from certain social media (such as Skype) if she discovers your user. She can get into YouTube livestreams depending on how well secured they are, but rarely does, as she feels guilty.

"Well, hello again. Ready for round two?" -CodedExe upon entering a stream
This hacker can also find out how many starcoins, diamonds, and VIP days you have. She doesn't necessarily use this for evil, but rather as a party trick.

CodedExe has other abilities outside of MovieStarPlanet, but she doesn't do much with them, and they aren't worth mentioning.

CodedExe muffin time

CodedExe confirms that it is, indeed, always muffin time.



CodedExe is a member of the MSP hacker team, GrimSec, although she is not a main. She is friends with both of the leaders.

Raid Net

Raid Net is one of CodedExe's best friends.


Like Raid, S N I P P E R is one of CodedExe's very close friends.


  • She avoids chatrooms unless actively looking for trouble, as she usually does not want any confrontation.
  • Her backup is Vitanii, which means "Demon of War" in Swahili.
  • Her favorite artist is Hatsune Miku.
  • If she were a fruit, she would be a tomato.
  • She doesn't appreciate when users suck up to her. She knows how to spot this and won't fall for it.
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