Cyber Slasher was a regular hacker on MSP on all servers.She glitched up MSP and hacked a considerable amount of moviestars. She does not use her account anymore. People said that she wanted to be like anonymous. Many people called her fake. She was inactive since early 2015. And when she did hack, she deleted users and made a edit of the "deleted user" sign.


She has red eyes, skull shirt and long skirt. It has since stayed the same.


She has hacked many people. She was most known to hack two people named Natalieblue4 and Baker558. She hacks by using various websites. It is said that she would already know your password.

When she hacks you, she will log you off and delete you.

She tries to scare many people. Her goal was to become a known hacker. She hacked people for attention. Rumors said that she has also teamed up with Miss Filly and Anonymous.


  • She likes editing.
  • She likes to hack.
  • She plays music.
  • She hates fakes.
  • She was very known and active.
  • She has many ways to hack.
  • She likes the "knife" animation from MSP.[1]Hacker warning msp 2015
  • Cyber Slasher's YouTube
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