The Devilen Twins are hackers on MSP. The two accounts The Red Devilen and The White Devilen are only active on the US server as of now.

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Although the Devilen Twins are fairly new, supposedly over 30 accounts have been hacked by them in the month of December 2017.


The twins have a staple style they go by in their mascot colors white and red. Both twins wear short bobbed hair with bangs and a 1800's overall look. If the Devilen twin you come across doesn't have this appearance chances are it's a fake.

How to get hacked by them and what happens

The Devilen Twins are shocking hard to get hacked by. They strictly do not hack hacker hunters or high-scorers for unknown reasons. It is thought that they hack accounts randomly in chatrooms who chose to ignore them. So if you want to get hacked by these two ignore them as much as you can, taunting them will only make your chances worse. They are usually seen at Cafe Chatrooms.

When you are hacked by a Devilen you are logged out of your account with your status changed to the following to "(d)" or "Peek-A...-BOO! (d)". There have not be known to delete or change the passwords of their victims.


  • The only known victims are Taylor Luna, and xXtrianaXx
  • They are real life sisters
  • They work with The White Dolly and Project47
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