This article is based off a different hacker from Canada. A.k.a Sc@ry's partner. You can find Die Today. Somewhere else.

Die Today

Die Today has a very creative status, Not like any others! Its "Bruises is what your made of, Blood is in my eyes, You have nowhere to run. Die Today. (d)" She is supposedly in a relationship with another hacker named "Red Skulls". Shes partners with Sc@ry. The hacker, who is on her BFFs list.


Short messy hair, The black version of The Dolly's dress, and a stitched mask.


Ironically, She hacked Lunria's BF, Likely because, Thats Lunas boy, and Luna was already hacked via Sc@ry. The victims username was Swag Dude o3o. There is no photo currently (working on that.) The story starts with Swag Dude o3o entering Horror Cafe for fun.

Die Today says "Hello Swag Dude o3o, I can see you", obviously, Swag got scared and left. But Die Today followed him, and started to name his physical appearance. He got logged out, unfortunately he was the victim of the Horror Hacking.

How She Hacks

She sees through your camera. And gifts herself, recycles it later and logs off. Just like in the story she names appearances.

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