This hacker is... really creepy. Her username is Dusty Soul. She's on USA and she hacked my rare account, she gave it back but half of my rares were gone. Check her guest book if you don't believe me.

When she hacks you, your status will turn to this:

"Better not think I'm fake, I'll be waiting on your couch. (d)"

She also has a best friend in her profile. Her username is Dusty Couch. I don't know if it's her best friend, other account or backup. They look the same though. Here's what they look like:

  1. Long black creepy hair.
  2. Their face is covered in bandages.
  3. White skin.
  4. Black crop top.
  5. Black ripped jeans.
  6. Black heels.

I can't show a picture, I'm sorry.

What does she do if she hacks me?

  1. Change your status to a creepy one.
  2. Change your clothes to creepy clothes.
  3. Spend your starcoins or diamonds.
  4. She'll change your password.
  5. Message almost all your friends with " Hello, want her rares or account? (d)" or "Packed by Dusty Soul. (d)"
  6. Recycle rares. (Some rares)
  7. Send greets to random people. (Or gifts, rares mostly.)
  8. She'll give you your account back if you give her 5 gifts. (If not, she'll keep your account until you gift her.)

Please be careful!

Last seen in Sapphire Cafe. 22.01.2018

Tell me if you see her.

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