Rage of Pain [Enraged Hybrid]

'Moviestarplanet is my own personal hell, and you're in with me. You shall suffer.' -Rage


Rage is a hacker on MSP that is very capable of getting into your MSP acount with enough motivation. I've known Rage for a couple years now and I have seen him do almost everything that other MSP hackers had supposedly 'peformed' in the past. If Rage was to get onto your account, there would be no way to stop him. And I strongly advise you stay off of his hitlist as if you are it won't be very pretty. From what I've seen, Rage is as silent as The Dolly, but as capable as The Grim Reaper. It's clear to see why there are not much videos on him. Maybe it's because he found a way to silence most of his victims. Or maybe it's because of the following capabilities he has that I will label. Rage is best friends with Raid Net, and it's clear to see why since they both share many skills and goals.


Rage is capable of immense harm on moviestarplanet, he was behind the famous even we know as the 'April 29th Virus' [If you dared to log on, although I am not aware of the times this took place, you would lose your internet connection although it was not more than a temporary state] Some people reported their computes crashed and they saw errors, some people claimed that their MSP wouldn't load at all.

Rage is capable of getting into your account, doxing you [Collecting your personal information], Collecting your IP address [Internet Protocol] And even able to get into your gmail, twitter and accounts of other social medias. It's clear to see why he is feared. It is all noted that he can mod the game and create his own MSP version that is able to do more than the normal msp client could. He is also able to transform into your MSP user, although he calls it a 'cheap trick'


He is best friends with a hacker we all know as 'Raid Net', he is a leader of 'Team Interrogation', and the previous CEO of 'Lava Scorpions' although, him and Amie had not got along and resulted into a fight that caused Amie to disband the team after Rage had threatened to expose her to her team for lying to them on multiple occasions.


Rage will not hack you for no reason and he is not the type of guy to go around hacking/doxing people for no reason unless provoked or tested. On a real, he is a nice person and you can joke around with him without him going absolutely mental and he does have a quite a sexual humour from what I have seen so far.

His MSP accounts: Enraged Hybrid

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