What is a fake hacker?

A fake hacker is a user pretending to have the ability to control/manipulate accounts and computers. Some of them create accounts to scare people and others create accounts to try and gain reputation and be popular. Fake hackers can be especially planned out, to just obvious pointers that they aren't real. They can be recognized by their especially bad grammar and using slang terms.

Signs that a hacker is fake.

  • A username that isn't original, for example a user pretending to be Anonymous so they change their user name to "RealAnonymous(d)2017 beware". This is an obvious sign they are fake.
  • Another sign has already been discussed, but they can be recognized by the pathetic grammar and spelling attempts.
  • Fake hackers tend to use the devil emoji to make themselves sound more scary.
  • Some fake hackers tend to message you out of the blue. This may be a sign of them being fake or a "prank".
  • Ask a "hacker" who they have hacked. If they say an account, most likely their main account, check their guestbook and status' to see if they've actually been hacked before.

How to make sure you don't get hacked.

  • Change your password regularly.
  • Keep it strong. Do not use words from a dictionary, and add symbols, numbers etc.) A weak password could be dog123. To make that password strong, you could add more numbers and symbols, so a stronger version of "dog123" could be: "d09123" or to make it stronger, "f1uffyd09123". That says "Fluffy Dog 123" It may not seem very strong because it has the words "dog" (in the dictionary) and "fluffy" (in the dictionary). Yet, it would be harder for password crackers to guess because numbers interupt the word itself. So dog isn't just "dog" it is d09.

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