Hello, my name is chicafan1 AJ (on MSP) and I have found a new hacker. This hackers username is Gokartingkid99 (at least her first acc was) This account has been deleted. But her other account is TheKartingKid99. (has deleted her acc or just made another, i do not know what happened.) This "hacker" will go into the accounts of people who are emo or 'ugly'. This hacker doesn't bother any other people but is slowly deleting a LOT of good friends of mine. Such as: Pinkcuterose, Foxyfan5 and Pinkcuteroses. (I made Art Books and they are all deleted users.) She has locked me out for a week in attempt of locking me forever. This hacker wears a blue T-Shirt (or bunny shirt), torn jeans, brown hair (of any kind), and any color shoes (or none). And what she normally says is "i am the hacker you should fear." She normally plays on UK and is spreading to other servers (I only know for sure she'll be on CA). Brook10348 was almost hacked by this hacker. But down below i will tell you how she avoided GoKartingKid99.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 8.48.09 PM

Picture of old KartingKid99 Acc.

  • Bad Hacking Skills.
  • Only hacks people with 'easy' passwords. 

How do i avoid this hacker?
Msg her, she will reply with something bad, but will be nice enough to tell you how she wishes you to wear items. After this only wear it for a day and she will never check your user name again. By the way she only did this for my friend Brook10348. I do not know if she will threaten others with the "your ugly" thing. This is just in case she does move on, i have done this and she told me what to wear. And if you just have trash clothes, she will still make you an outfit. This is the only thing i have seen her be nice about.

Will this hacker hack me when i am offline?
No, she  Doesn't. You have to be online, be her friend, or if she knows your username, she might hack you. Cause like i said, i do not know if she will attack other servers, or players. This hacker is new, i might record about this later and see what you guys think of it!