"She say 'can you hack me?'. I tell her only partly. I don't hack noobs, i'm sorry."- Raid Net and CodedExe

Grimsec pixi star

Pixi Star, hacked by CodedExe

Grimsec aliens


GrimSec is a hacker group led by the Grim Reaper (hence the name), and Raid Net. CodedExe is not a main member.

What they do when they hack you

GrimSec will make you promote their team through statuses, messages, chatrooms and forums. However, they prefer chatrooms and will sometimes spread their message while their victim is logged in.

Grimsec forum we will rule


Grimsec mod073
  • Pixi Star
  • Zac Sky
  • Holly Nova
  • Luis and the Aliens
  • Moderator008
  • Moderator073
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