H3x is a supposed hacker on MSP (Au). However, none are aware if they are truly a hacker or not. They supposedly quit, lots of MSP users who know about h3x say that they quit, but are making a return.

What Does MSP Hacker h3x Look Like?

They have short, black hair with a black bandaged head, black dress, white socks with blood on them and black shoes.

Hex and me


Their status reads, 'Roses are red, violets are blue. My name is hex and I'm coming for you. (d)' similar to Miss Filly. There have been many statuses about them, but there is still no proof if they are real or not.


According to rumors they only hack new users, however there is still no proof on this matter. They are still extremely new so there is barely any info on them. Apparently they almost got locked out, so if they do 1 or 2 wrong again they'll be locked out, however they may have a backup or could make one. There is a chance that h3x is fake. But we are not too sure, as of now, this is our only information, as there is a 50/50 chance h3x is real.

h3x Virus?

No. There will not be a h3x virus. A lot of people have been asking about this, they say NOT to wear clothes for new players, unlike the grim virus. H3x could be deadlier than the grim reaper, and anon combined. But they could be fake too, nobody really knows their true power.

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