The quest that hallo123 had gliched

Hallo123 is an assumed hacker who started glitching/hacking Careers in October 2016.


There are no known victims of Hallo123 or proof that he hacks users.

Precisely, it's a mere and harmless glitch, which is most likely to happen if someone had tampered or meddled with MSP Flash Player html codes.

  • Hallo123 is an old (made in March 2011)and inactive user on the UK server, it has no connection with this glitch.
  • The user is level 10, but has starter clothes.

The user has old starter hair, a blue dress,pink leggings and pink shoes. Their profile has nothing on it and their guestbook, wishlist, biography and achievements pages are all empty. They have no status and their room is empty.

There is little known about this 'hacker'/ 'glitch'

There is no proof that Hallo123 is a hacker.

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