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Hallo123 is a possible hacker on all Movie Star Planet Servers. Near the start of 2017, a supposed user had hacked MSP servers, on every single one, nobody really knows who hallo123 is, but we can guess. Many people have reported a Hallo123 on their servers, and fearing them, as most people know, we have no proof that Hallo123 is a hacker.

Who is Hallo123?

Hallo123 has been known for "hacking" the quests on most servers. If you were to open up the quest bar, there would be a quest telling you to make a look and submit it to hallo123. Nothing like this has really ever happened on MSP before, except in this case. Although Hallo123 looks like a normal user, many people have been saying that they indeed are a hacker. No one has experienced the hack of this individual, so we will never know if they were to really hack.

'Hacking Skills'

They have no known victims, but have been known to hack quests.