These are tips by LlamacornsXD on how to stay safe on MSP!

If you are being hacked:

  1. Get in touch with the hacked account ASAP!
  2. Make sure your email is connected to the account so you can reset the password
  3. Copy and paste password, as some hackers can hack VERY quickly
  4. Tell a hacker hunter.
  5. Make sure no damage is done.

If a hacker is about to hack you:

  1. Change your password immediately
  2. Block the hacker
  3. Contact a hacker hunter and tell them somebody is about to hack you.

If a hacker deleted your account:

  1. Email MSP and explain what happened (you are most likely to get the account back if you were deleted when you were VIP, had VIP or purchased anything on your account)
  2. Wait for them to respond


Do NOT go into weird chatrooms with names like these: Q273hffedoJ unless you are experienced

If you see a hacker in a chatroom, DO NOT INTERACT unless you are experienced or want to be hacked.

Hacker Hunting

DO NOT GO HACKER HUNTING ON YOUR MAIN because if you get deleted, you will lose everything!

Use a hacker hunting account, your backup, or a random account.

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