Who Is IAmBloodyNightmares?

IAmBloodyNightmares is a hacker who has only had one victim. They apparently hack on the UK server of MovieStarPlanet.

What Do They Do?

They don't do much damage to your account. They log into your account and changes your status to, 'Did You Have A Nightmare? That Would Have Been Me (d)'. It is unknown if they do more damage, as only one user has been hacked by them. It is possible that they hack mobile users so they cannot get back into their account.[1]


They were seen wearing short, black hair, a black vest and black boots, all of which are starter clothing. They have red lips, red eyes, and slightly tanned skin.

Who did she hack?

Strawberrypink2020 (UK) is the only user to have been hacked by them. Luckily, nothing was stolen or spent.

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