Ihasfriendshipbracelet is a fairly new hacker hunter. She has 4 main accounts that are all on different servers. Her user on the Canadian server is wearing blonde hair and light purple clothes 

Why she became a hacker hunter.

She became one because for a couple of reasons, she has 2 relatives that work for software companies and they are like hacker hunters because they take down the bugs and viruses in software. It seems super cool. If you want to learn a tiny bit more about her just go to her user page also called Ihasfriendshipbracelet. If you want to be friends with her just message her on msp or the wiki.

Trivia/ Notes

  • Her favorite dog type is a dachshund
  • She is Filipino
  • Her favorite bands are BTS and Panic! at the Disco
  • She has a pet betta fish!
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