J!NXED (USA MSP) is a member of Team Rebels. He's one of the most known hacked user of Tellohamic originally known as Amazn Gold. Their main account on MSP is J!NXED.


He started with the Amazn hacker hunting team as Amazn Gold. He was the most active hunter in the team, and has found the most hackers (real and/or fake) out of all of their team. Soon he was dragged into the team's feud with hacker Tellohamic, originally discovered by Amazn Pink.

Tellohamic hacked many users and was said to hack 4-60 accounts a day. They were found after J!NXED joined the crew. They started hacking almost all the Amazn team's crew members, but only J!NXED was the only one who didn't get hacked.

A few weeks after the crew got hacked, Amazn Pink was online and was hacker hunting with J!NXED in the Horror Cafe where the hacking took place. A user named DARKKISS! hacked J!NXED and threatened to delete his account. A few minutes later Amazon Pink got on the account and retrieved everything back to normal.

Soon after J!NXED got the account back, Tellohamic reached the account and deleted it immediately after posting a forum and photos on the account. And it is said by J!NXED that when he was logged out by her he saw flashes on his screen, his character did the blood on the floor animation, a high pitched screeching noise was played, and their computer shut down.



He is known on the Wikia as ItsJinxed, Aidan, Black Knight 7707, and/or J!NXED. He is an admin on the Wikia and also is level 30 on USA MSP. His profile can be spotted here [x].

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