Jeguete, roto Juguete, congelado and Desconcido.

  • Jeguete is Spanish for toy. roto Juguete for broken toy. congelado means frozen and Desconcido for unknown.
  • They are very mysterious. They don't give clear answers. They only give answers like: Secrets, reasons... etc.
  • They always say that 'they' are coming. Later they said 'they' are near. They say that 'them' or they are arriving on 12/30/17. For me is that today.
  • They don't like hacker hunters. My friend got hacked on three hacker hunter accounts.
  • They have another one that's sometimes with them: BloodyError. She's a friend of them too.
  • Jeguete and roto Juguete, are the only ones that hacked so far. They all seem able to hack.
  • They say that their the warnings from 'them'. I still don't know who them is. Because they don't want to tell that.

Stay safe everyone!


I'm not really sure yet of this group are real hackers!

Roto Juguete
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