About GreenLemonHackerHunter

greenlemonhackerhunter (also kniwn as lemongreen) is not as popular as hacker hunters, such as YourLivingNightmare. But she is still well known, and loved by most users on Moviestarplanet. She has had many incidents where she was hacked by people like : B!oodBath, Anonymous, and The Dolly supposedly. She still managed to recover from those horrifying experiences. There are rumors she got deleted by B!oodBath or The Dolly

How It All Began

One day, greenlemonhackerhunter decided, she wanted to try and stop hackers from taking MSP users beautiful accounts. So she took the time to make a hacker hunting account.

She Stopped A Hacker?!

Fans of greenlemonhackerhunter have told me she stopped The Dolly from stealing their accounts! Some say she got a hacker banned from Moviestarplanet!!

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