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This is a wikia for information in regards to hackers, hackings, victims, and hacker hunters. This wikia was made by Black Knight Zero on March 6, 2015. Black Knight 777 and ItsJinxed are admins on this wikia. If you would like to write an article, write in 3rd person not 1st person as this is not a blog.

What is this wikia about?

This wiki is completely about MSP hackers, as well as cases and encounters with them.


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  • discussion page Talk:Mods,Pixi,Zac,Hackers?!!?!?
    new comment by Honey Msp 1 day ago
    Comment: oooohhh a new hacker now
  • new page Mods,Pixi,Zac,Hackers?!!?!?
    created by Aesthetic M00d 5 days ago
    New page: Uh well i went to a cafe and i found this girl named xxComeplaywithme and it just really werid since i would know if there is any new hackers but...
    Summary: NEW HACKER!
    Added photos:

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    edited by Frxya 5 days ago diff
    Summary: Undo revision 29341 by ADMINaBUSERp0LICE (talk)
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  • discussion page Talk:The Stuffed Toy
    new comment by Amyway
    Comment: why does it just say 'i love pizza' over and over again?
  • discussion page Talk:Tintora
    new comment by PinkyDemony
    Comment: They might be fake accounts or a couple of friends wanting to fool around.
  • new page Wiki
    created by Hacker hunter + scammer hunter
    New page: Contents[show]                                         Rage of Pain [Enraged Hybrid] Edit 'Moviestarplanet is my own personal hell, and you're in...
  • edit D ë m ø n
    edited by IshaLinXxy diff

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  • discussion page Talk:CORRUPTEDSERVER
    new comment by Rainbowcupcake88
    Comment: She looks like just some goth. Most real hackers don't go out of their way to look scary. Except for Grim, raid net, and unknown female.
  • edit Tintora
    edited by Alison999999 diff
  • new page Category:None Hackers
    created by Alison999999
    New page: The None hackers are somewhat fake, but hacks people and change there status

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