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Mcpacker is a new hacker on MSP USA.

Who does she hack?

Mcpacker hacks random people. Don't message her. She hacks anybody and she doesn't care what level you're on, or if you've got VIP.


Mcpacker is wearing a black and red mask. She has black skin. She's wearing a red vest and a black and white skirt. Her appearance is similar to TheCult.
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  • Princessgoldsparkle
  • Stephanieswater
  • CristinaMSP
  • Pheobeisarocker
  • Pheobewillrockyou
  • KristaMSP
  • Stephanieswater[UK]
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  • Mathackerhunter
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  • She hacks on different servers
  • Some of her victims said their animations glitch weirdly.
  • If you search up Mcpacker nothing will appear thus making it hard to track her