Miss Bella, actually called "Miss Belia", is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK).


Victims include Baranhearty and hacker hunters.
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She isn't scary, but, stylish. She is seen in Purplish black long hair, long purple dress, and purplish black heels. You won't think she's a hacker but she is. She has an "Original look" so people that have not heard of her might be positive. looks like an innocent person


1) She is just going after boys

2) She messages you before she hacks you

When she hacks you

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When she hacks you she changes your skin to dark brown and gives you a pink rare look.

How she was discovered

On UK (United Kingdom)MSP, user Baranhearty was messaging in pink sparkling as "Miss Belia". Baran added Bella saying "Is this a Rebel group chat?", and then "How about I add myself?". Then, she added herself into the conversation. 

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