Who is the Moustache Hacker?

The "Moustache Hacker" is a hacker on MSP (All Servers).(There was a moustache that you can buy on the Top Pages on MSP called Acc_Honey_2009_13 in 2015.)

There are many videos about this hacker. One of them was from Kesha0990 MSP, and 2 minutes later after buying the moustache she was logged out from her account, and once she logged back in, her clothes and status were changed.(The video source is of Kesha0990 after she was hacked on the test account that she made.)

This hacker, like some, will most likely get you locked out when you are hacked by The Moustache.

You may have noticed that MSP have tried to cover this up and the hacker might have stopped hacking with the moustache because:
  1. The moustache is no longer called Acc_Honey_2009_13 (it is now called Amazing Stache).
  2. There have been no cases of being hacked by this Moustache for a while.
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