Who is Ms Red (d)?

Ms Red (d) is a new hacker. She was found in August. She hasn't been online recently and is currently only on the UK server.

How was she discovered.

On the 20th of August, at around 5:00PM, 535 saw her friend's status changed to (d). A few moments later the status changed to something like, stop trying to get the account back. 535 started messaging her friend's account telling the person to get off, and asking who she was. She then replied with, I'm unknown. Finally the friend got her account back and 535 asked her if she has messaged any hackers that day. She said that she messaged a fake looking one earlier called Ms red (d). 535 searched her up and asked her if she had hacked her friend. She replied maybe or maybe not. To prove that she was real, 535 asked her to say the name of her friend that was hacked. Ms red (d) got the name correct and even stated some stuff she sent to 535, on the person's account. Ms red (d) threatened to hack 535 and said that black Knights and hunters should take "precautions because they are not safe." UPDATE- 535's friend was hacked again and deleted. Ms red (d) is very dangerous.