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All *real* Miss Filly accounts are being hacked by TheCult.


I know there is already a page about Miss Filly; so this one won't be about info on her, just about what I have found out. I also have realized that some information may just be rumors but you can decide for yourself.


Having gained a lot of information of the last two years; I think there is enough information for me to create this. Without further ado, here is my list of information on Filly:


1) Filly was Twisted Nerve; but this account was a test to see hunters' reactions to a "New Filly".

2) Filly has been seen to do the glitch where you lay on the floor and become invisible. This may be to watch other hackers; as she never does this when "normal" people are in the room.

3) Miss Filly has not hacked as much as people have said; she has been inactive for the most part of this year, only coming into chatrooms to observe. This means that only 1/2 the people getting hacked by her truly have.

4) It has now been proven Miss Filly herself has gotten all her real accounts hacked before and locked out by TheCult. It is believed that TheCult and Anonymous who are teaming, had some rivalry between them and Miss Filly and so that lead on to TheCult hacking all of Miss Filly's accounts due to hatred, anger and revenge.

5) Hearing the whistle doesn't mean you are always going to get hacked. There is a chance that she may not. Me and 10 of my friends have heard the whistle; I was the only one who wasn't hacked. This may be a one-off but one hacker I was "interviewing" also had this happen to them.

6) When speaking to Filly, it has been noticed that she find all the rumors about her "amusing". She believes her so-called popularity she has gained has made an impact on her hacking skills, making her feel as though she is always in competition; hence her feuds with other hackers.

7) Finally, I believe that Filly may not be getting as much information as is thought because she hasn't made an impact on the hacking world in a few months; except for the virus (that may not even be her) and the fact she herself is getting hacked. I believe this because all of her accounts have been hacked, if someone was going through this much trouble to hack her, wouldn't they destroy anything Filly has noted?