My Encounter With A Living Nightmare.

I don't even know what happened.. I was going into a chatroom with my friends, on UK. I friend 1337EliteHaxor. And asked him to hack me he said this, "As you wish" 15 minutes later I was like, its been ages and you haven't hacked me? Fake.. 5 minutes later, I log out. I try logging back into my account. But It wouldn't let me log on, I talk to him from a newb account. And then he said "You have tested me to much, be deleted" And my account was GONE. I don't know who this guy is, and I don't want to know. I just want my bloody account back, I snipped some photos, here is a bit of my conversation


Thats all I have, I didn't snip it all because I assumed he was fake.

So thats what happened, please. If you know him, ask him to get my account back :( I miss it, its been there since 2015, January, and it was a gift from my BFF, which she gave to me in 2016 March. So please understand this account is very precious to me. 

1) He will change your password

2) When you log on your account it will say "Incorrect Username or Password

3) Your status will change to "Hacked By 1337EliteHaxor" 

4), you will be deleted.

Please do not fall a victim to him, he claims to be a 12-13 year old with lots of knowledge with help from friends. If this is true we have an immature hacker that could most likely become a new Grim. Imagine if RotiKhaase supposingly fell a victim to him? That would lead him to more fame, and he would want to do it more. Please, do not fall a victim to this crazy dickhead who goes around steeling accounts, and making someone live in hell 24/7.


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