Natule was a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK).

Who is she?


Natule's profile

According to the Gorgeous Gang, she has the ability to change your name when she hacks you. It is said she can see through your camera (Note: If you don't have a camera attached to your computer/phone or any other device, you are safe.) She can tell what you are doing,and what you look like.

Natule also claimed that she was the one who hacked the mods, Holly Nova, Pixi Star, and Zac Sky, but there is little to no evidence as proof.

When she hacks you, your status will say: "I am not [victim's username], you don't know me now, but you will soon."

So far, Natule has only been known to be after the Gorgeous Gang.

Her new account is Natule! After the original was locked. Her new status says:

"You locked me once... You locked me twice... Don't worry child... I won't bite."


  • Grimmygrimgrim
  • Black Knight 413
  • Aquajewels8
  • AkwardlyRandom


  • She is Miss Outrage.
  • She is working with Miss Outrage.
  • She is skincreeper.
  • She has hacked MSP before.
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