Oreo4 (On canadian, {}Oreo{}4) Is a hacker on canadian msp, and maybe other servers. her status reads love ya all for life btw whoever lets me buy them vip will get an iphone x in the mail january 20th As you can tell she really wants to hack, she is also a scammer, she says if you give her V.I.P she will give you a level 76 account. There is no level 76 account on canadian that is existing and if there is, whats the proof it is hers? I have tried reporting Oreo but MSP doesnt care. Or DO ANYTHING! They ignore the report. (What do we expect? They pretend hackers are not real but CLEARLY THEY ARE xD) 
Oreo the bitch

The story

Oreo use to be a normal girl, no hacking, then an unknown hacker took the account, the old owner cried over it, it was level 16 (Still is) and the new hacker is on a hacking spree. (Info gotten from the old owner, her new user is {}Oreo{}bae)


She usually wears the look in the picture, but if she changes her look, it would probably be something with blonde hair, bear ears, or no change at all.


THIS GIRL FREAKING HACKED ME, SNOWYRING123 SHE HACKED MY LEVEL 13 MAIN ACCOUNT FG8IOPOGU - Snowyring123 (Me) | How she hacks is she will ask you if you want vip, if you say no, she will make a new account, give it V.I.P and say she gave them vip, if you look closely, they have the same writing skills (She did this with an account called CookieTurtle) After she convinces you (She puts 1 week V.I.P on the account and or hacks the old owner, idk) Then when shes on, changes your password, blocks you, and humiliates you. And claims the account as her own. If you go to her guestbook, she has hacked LOTS of people, even her artbooks are lies.

Honestly, just don't trust her, she will take your account.  
Being hacked

Being hacked 1.


Being hacked 2.


Being hacked 3.

I didnt put an email lmf

Being hacked 4.

Rest is private

Being hacked 5. Rest of conversation is private.

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