Who is Phreak?


USA msp.

Phreak is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (CA and USA). They have said to be coming to UK next.

CA msp

Their username on CA is Phreaky because Phreak was taken.   

Their user on UK is also Phreaky.   

They have said to be the less serious member of Team Two-Faced.


On US, Phreak wears a black mask and an eyepatch that covers half of Their face. They have black short starter hair and white starter lips. They also wear a starter jacket, black/white tights. They also wear black starter boots.

On CA, they wear a sweater and has short hair, they have a mask and an eye patch that covers their face. They have black tights and black shoes with skeleton feet on them.


  • They like anime.
  • They like Ban and King from Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Apparently, they are Pepe the frog.
  • Apparenty they are co-leader of Team-Two-Faced, leaders being Kensai and Nexterf.
  • They are somewhat friends with Raspberrymocha.
  • They like to draw, and they love pop music.
  • They like the artist Train
  • Their YouTube is
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