PinkEchos (formerly known as Pinkhackerhunter1) is a level 5 (used to be level 11) user on the US server. Pink was originally a part of the Colored Hacker Hunters, but recently left the team. Despite not being a part of the team, she still stays true to the name "Pink" and has a pink theme.



  • US: Pinkhackerhunter1 (inactive)
  • US: PinkEchos (Current)
  • US: Michaela1224 (Non Hunting)
  • UK: PinkEchos (Mostly Inactive)

Social Media

PinkEchos currently runs a hacker hunting and MovieStarPlanet youtube channel with 400+ subscribers. Her channel is organized with a pink layout, once again true to her name. The name of her channel is "PinkHackerHunter" and her videos mostly include hacker hunting.

Her most popular video is called "MSP Where To Find Hackers" and it has over 4,000 views. Her channel's content varies from MSP music videos, hacker hunting, to tutorials and advice.

Channel can be found here.


PinkEchos is a former member of The Colored Hacker Hunters, but left due to lack of interactions. She now runs her own small team called Team Echo. As her team is fairly new (created in Nov. 2016) it has a large lack of members.

PinkEchos runs the team mostly from her main account, Michaela1224. (Michaela1224's wiki can be found here.)

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