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Recreate is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet. (UK)

She usually messages people back if you message her, but be warned, you will be hacked if you call her a fake or tease her. Please be careful!

So far, her victims are: -PurpleGirl756, Lilly///,

She hasn't hacked many people yet, but is on her way. She is said to steal some of her victims clothes, and sometimes change your password or lock your user out forever if you try to make fun of her.

PurpleGirl756 is on the UK, and now has her account back, but Reacreate is threatening that if PurpleGirl teases her or jokes about her again, there will be consequences.

She has recently changed from her "hacker" look to something that any average player would wear and changed her status to something more average as well. She does not seem as if she hacks still, but she might if you tease her.

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