Snipper codedexe

S N I P P E R in the Mall chatroom, with CodedExe doing her dance in the background.

"UHIwIGV4UGwwaVRlUg==" -S N I P P E R / MSPDeww


S N I P P E R is a hacker on UK MSP. He is capable of controlling any user, including Pixi, Zac, and moderators. Even the official MovieStarPlanet account isn't safe.Most of the time he goes on the discord server on the wiki


S N I P P E R changes his appearance very often. His skin has gone from purple to red to black, and he doesn't always wear a shirt. He rarely wears hair, but has been seen with hats.


  • Pixi Star
  • Zac Sky
  • Monster (extra)
  • Pirate (extra)
  • Moderator005
  • Moderator073
  • MovieStarPlanet
  • 847trickster (but only as a joke)



847Trickster is S n i p p e r's best friend.

Unknown Protector 2/CodedExe

These two are good friends with S N I P P E R, and often follow him during his hacking sprees.

Raid Net

Good friend of S N I P P E R, who records videos with him. He is a popular hacker on the wiki.



Disliked by S N I P P E R after she harassed him and his friends for days on end, and stated that she had fallen in love with him and that "i have had ur child".


  • The code in his status, "UHIwIGV4UGwwaVRlUg==", translates to "Pr0 exPl0iTeR".
  • His YouTube is MSPDeww
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