Shady White is an active hacker on MSP (USA).
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Shady White's bio

Who is Shady White?

Shady White is a hacker on MSP USA. It is unknown whether or not they hack on any other servers. She can be found in Monster and Spider Cafe, and maybe Horror Cafe.
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Shady White in Spider Cafe


Old: -White starter tank top (new) -White starter jeans (new) -No shoes -No hair -Lightest skin tone -New starter eyes -Dark red starter lips New: -Red hood -Light blonde hair with bangs -Red and black poofy dress -Black shoes with long white socks -Face bandages 

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Shady White's new look

Known Victims

Known victims so far:

-Kawaii HackerHunter <3

-The Rare Goddess




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Kawaii HackerHunter <3, one of Shady White's victims

What do they do on your account?

Shady White will change your status and delete your artbooks. They have been known to delete accounts, although this hasn't been confirmed.


-They created their account in May 2019.

-Active September 2019

-YouTube footage of Shady White:

-They were previously known as "Mademe Error" before getting banned

-Shady White is currently not banned.

-They seem to go after hacker hunters, rare accounts, and people who say they're fake/argue with them.

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