Shak1ng is a hacker on the MovieStarPlanet Canadian servers. She is fairly new as her account was created recently. She currently has 2 victims. And we do not know what she is capable of. All we know is that she could be a returning hacker with a new username, or she's all new.


Who is Shak1ng?

Shak1ng is a new user. Her status is eerie and creepy. It says- "Shaking, not only wearing fear as it's disguise. But being an ominous shadow of doubt (d)"- whilst doing the "So scared!" animation. Resembling shaking with fear. She wears a black eye patch, along with black tights, and thick, long red straight hair. She has a starter face, with nothing else. No shirt or shoes. Her best friend is the Blody Lady user. She is the same age as the Blody Lady. (Purposely spelled wrong.)

Blody Lady?

Blody Lady is her best friend on MovieStarPlanet. Blody Lady resembles a vampire. Whilst Shak1ng, is assumed to be is based off a scared little girl, Pale skin, cuts, messy hair. Her status says it all- "Blood drains from your pale body, as I gain power Victims: 1: Her victim, was a user named Swag Dude o3o. She hacked him, by framing the hack on another user, named !ERROR!. Who quite frankly, is a very nice user. Not a hacker. So who is the Blody Lady? A very low profile hacker.




  • She wants to join Team-Two Faced, but she prefers to avoid suspicion.
  • She is 14.
  • She doesn't hack teams rebels/colored hacker hunters/colored knights etc;
  • She doesn't hack for fun, she hacks for a reason, which is not revealed yet.
  • She appreciates anyone who gives her support.
  • Her outfit may resemble a scared girl, as the term "pale as a ghost" comes into mind, she has cuts from what she is scared of, and her hair is messy from running, and being grabbed.
  • She can type hack, or she is doing some glitch.
  • She's nice, and tries to avoid too much hacking.
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