Who Is #Shelma?

#Shelma is a hacker that hacks on only MovieStarPlanet (FR).

#Shelma's look


#Shelma looks like a fake hacker with a red short starter hair, a rare wide mouth with bloody sharp teeth, a black crop top, and silver, shiny leggings.

Why Do They Hack?

Someone watched all of their videos and they learned that they hack because at school they are bullied. One day, a person decided to shock them with a rope and after this, to have their revenge, they decided to hack French MSP. They say that they do it only for "revenge", but they re-watched their videos, and they think that they actually hack for 'fun'. They also said that they hack on the French MSP because the server wasn't safe at all so they hack easily without any hacker hunters in France.

She do hacks for fun.

Here is the link to their YouTube
She is pretty X3

#ShelmaFR's look

What happen if they hack me?

  • They will change your status to something like : "Hacked by #Shelma (d), YT channel : #Shelma MSP (d)"
  • They might change your password.
  • They will give some greets to random people.
  • They will recycle all of your rares.
  • They will remove some of your friends
  • They will put a ridiculous outfit on you
  • They will add the "Vampire" animation
  • They will give your account back to you (But not always)
  • Or, they will use the Hack By Lisa, and make your account get banned.

They are hacking me, What can I do?

  • Wait until they give your account back
  • Make a backup account or use your backup account and report her

    One of her victims

  • E-mail MovieStarPlanet staff and tell them the story because they obviously know that MSP can get hacked. Although, they'll probably just say stuff like "hacking only happens when you give out your password." so this might not be the best option.

How to not get hacked by them

  • Be very little on MSP
  • Don't create a fake of them
  • Don't laugh at them
  • Don't say that they are fake
  • If you are friends with their account #ShelmaFR, be nice and polite to them (No, they don't care if you're kind)
  • Just stay away from them
  • Do not provoke them in anyway.


  • #Wicked is her partner in crime and is deadly.


  • She is Elodie et ses créations or #Wicked.


  • She can be very nice
  • Her actual account is #Shelmay
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